Nigerian Elections

How It Works

The Voice of Votes (VoV) online application is designed for monitoring and collation of election data and report. It is ideal for all election sizes: local, regional and national. It's main features include:

Using smart phones (or any digital camera) to take and send election result, images and data to our secure server.

Verification and validation of submitted results followed by publication and display

Display of result summary for online view with ability for visitors to comment on and validate individual election result

Visitors will be able to drill result summary down to individual polling unit and view an image of the result sheet

Voice of votes also accepts hyperlink text in the comment section for users to link to contents elsewhere on the internet.

Breaking News! - The Voice of Votes Platform 

How To Participate In Protecting Your Votes: Submitting election result to VoV is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

On Election Day, after votes are counted, snap a picture of the displayed election result at your polling station.  vote for the candidates of choice. take your phone along and snap a picture of your polling unit election result (DO NOT take picture of your ballot paper, it is ILLEGAL). the result picture to WhatsApp number that we shall provide close to the time and we will show to the whole world. No one can change it after that. visit to register to receive future updates and to see results from other polling units. 


How To Send Election Report:

Anyone can send reports on the voting process throughout an election day. Follow these steps to submit election reports online. to VoV, select Menu (top right corner) > Submit Election Data > Submit Report election type from dropdown selection on the remaining dropdown boxes a short title for your report (In any language) more detail report in the memo box using language of your choice. You can use the formating tools to make your report stand out up to five (5) files of images and video clips to support your report provide your name, email address and phone number Submit to Menu > View Election Data > Election Report and make necessary selections in the dropdown boxes. Now you can view your report as it will be seen by others. Unfortunately, once published, you will not be able to edit the report.